Dan Snyder, Noted Dodge Enthusiast and inLighten CEO,  Prevails in Historic Barrett-Jackson Charity Auction 

June 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The excitement was through the roof this past weekend at the Barrett-Jackson Northeast Auction 2018 in Connecticut where the highlight of the event was the charity auction of the very last Dodge Viper and very last Challenger SRT© Demon to roll off the production line.

Dan Snyder, CEO of the digital media company, inLighten, and founder of Dan Snyder Motorsports was there and determined to secure these once-in-a-lifetime, legendary muscle cars for his growing collection of more than 70 cars, including 30 Vipers and a variety of highly sought-after performance cars. Asked about his interest in the auction cars, Snyder replied, "From the first time I saw the Viper concept over 25 years ago, I knew I had to own one. After my first drive, I was addicted. When the Demon came to life, it was a natural extension of this passion, with the two delivering the best on track and strip – a perfect pair."Dan and his son are active members of the Dodge community, and Dan Snyder Motorsports was recently a part of the privateer effort to bring the Gen 5 Viper to the Nürburgring (setting a record time of 7:01.03, a best for American cars, manual transmission cars, and the only privateer record-holder). "These record-holding cars are a special part of our collection and we wanted the last Viper and Demon to have a place with them in our collection," Snyder added.

After an auction lasting only one minute and thirty-four seconds, the hammer dropped and Snyder became the caretaker of an important part of American automotive history - and the United Way and American Heart Association received donations of $1 million and $100 thousand respectively from Snyder. "Today is extra special for me because every dollar is going to support America's communities and to help those in need," said Snyder.Asked about his plans for the newest additions to his collection, Snyder replied, "They are priceless to me and my son. The final Viper and final Demon will be cared for as the historic cars they are – and will probably be driven on occasion too – after all, isn't that what this is all about!" 

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